December freelancing totals: $6,269.84.

My December goals were pretty massive, because I miscalculated when one of the 0% interest cards was coming due (typical) and needed to up my game. Which is hard, because my game is pretty upped as it is.

At any rate, despite traveling for two solid days in the month (like, driving for 15 hours each time) and spending quality time with family, I managed to come in where I needed to. There was one day in there where I was very pissy because I took a job I thought would be easy and it ended up being very not-easy (i.e., time-consuming), so that sucked. But, overall, pretty great.

So. From Company B, I had two jobs: the first for $713.56, the second for $828.76. This is nice – I often only have one job each month with this company, and the work is super enjoyable and interesting. I also finally got paid for a job I did a few months back, $550 (I can’t remember if I counted that earlier, but since the check is coming in now, I’m counting it here, too (or maybe for the fist time!). And, from the main company, who takes most of my blood, sweat, and tears: $4,177.52.

Total for December: $6,269.84. Holy moly. That’s good enough for me.

My next month goals are much more modest – $3,750 – but I haven’t heard anything from Company B about setting up a new project, so it might all have to come from Company A, which is hard. Especially with a trip to Disney World taking up 10 days in the middle. With that, it’s time for me to get back to work.

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