Year in sort of review

I started this blog a year ago, quit it six months ago, and came back three months ago. I don’t know how to anniversary-ize that.

Except I did know a man once who left his wife and changed his mind and when they got remarried, they did it on their original wedding date to avoid just this conundrum. I should have thought of that. Too late now!

So it’s been a year sort of and here’s a sort of review:

Last year, when I first took stock of my life, my net worth was -$6,000. I felt like we were making it work but barely. We had something like $8K in consumer debt. Supporting my mother-in-law and paying for kids’ activities was overwhelming the budget. But we finally had decent salaries and things looked promising.

This year, I feel much worse. I can’t seem to get our consumer debt under control even though it’s parked at 0%. Supporting my MIL has lightened some, as she has a job and a friend that gives her groceries, and my kids have whittled down their activities. We have built up a teeny tiny emergency fund. We have paid off a bunch of small debts – medical debts, home improvements, etc., so there’s room in the budget to knock the consumer debt out, maybe hopefully.

At the same time, our net worth has, in my opinion, skyrocketed: up by $43K in 11 months. Maybe that’s not skyrocketing in other people’s minds, but given my financial emotions, I would expect my numbers to show a much lower net worth, maybe even deeper negative than last year, but we’ve built it up month by month.

I guess this is where I talk about goals. I hope to knock out this consumer debt this year (but I’m trying to give myself some grace if I can just reduce it substantially). I also am worried about taxes. I increased my withholdings from my W2 job to an absurd amount, but it was a terrible tax bill that tipped us into awful last year, so I’m worried.

At any rate: we have a positive net worth, a sturdy home, too much food to eat, happy healthy kids, family that we can support, practical and reliable cars with new freaking tires on them, time and energy to take vacations, oh and I bought this six foot iron sculpture (below) over Christmas and if that doesn’t signify success, I don’t know what does.

4 thoughts on “Year in sort of review”

  1. Sounds like a whole lotta success to me. You’ve worked so hard this past year and I’ve really enjoyed following your story. Don’t be so hard on yourself—you’re doing awesome and need to celebrate all the many wins you’ve had! I can already tell that 2020 will be another excellent year for you. Just keep going!


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