Mid-month freelance check-in

My goal for this month is to make $3750 in freelance work.

There are a few challenges. The first is that I typically count on $500 from Company B, and I finished up my last batch of assignments for them (they typically give me a schedule for the next few months, then a new schedule when I’m done with that one) at the end of December. Then it was the holidays and the holidays and the holidays and here it is mid-January and I haven’t gotten a new batch of scheduled assignments yet.

Because I am nothing if not anxious, I emailed in a high pitched voice asking if everything was okay. I can make enough money through Company A if I need to but I LIKE the work for Company B. It doesn’t feel like work.

They assured me everything was okay, they are just working on the next schedule still. At this point, even if they send me the schedule like today, I’m unlikely to get any January income because each assignment takes two weeks. Sigh.

So that leaves a heavy burden on Company A. A do-able one, but heavy.

And we are in Disney World! I wanted to set up my freelancing jobs so that I would have minimal or no work on vacation. Eight days on vacation means only 23 days to get $3750.

So where do I stand? I worked really hard for the first nine days of the month, with a goal of making $175 a day. This way, with the $200 bonus I am likely to get (definitely at least $150) for doing a ton of work, I only have to make $150 a day on our return even without a shred of vacation work.

I can’t make WiFi work on my computer, so “no shreds of work” it is! I am only able to truly vacation under duress, so I expected to take a few jobs while here, but alas. I’m looking for alligators instead.

$150 a day may be tough once I get back because the semester is starting up again, but it’s the goal.

At any rate, I’ve hit the goals so far, with $1620 ready to invoice, and reaching the big goal for the month will depend on the end of the month. I might not make it, but I’ve set myself up to be close. And. I’m looking for alligators and really, missing a goal is not a big deal.

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