Public service loan forgiveness: recertified!

I have faith that my student loans will be forgiven in just over 3 years. Although the success rate for forgiveness is abysmal, I’ve done a ton of research on this, and have made sure every single t is crossed and i is dotted.

A key point here is recertifying my employment regularly, where the government looks over my account and assures me that I am on track. The government insists that the reason the forgiveness rates are so low is that people haven’t done it right, so the documentation saying I’ve done it right for X amount of payments already is reassuring. I’m of the mind that the government is willfully being a jerk to most people who apply for forgiveness, but I’m also of the mind that the best way to get a jerk to hand over $70K is by catching more flies with honey or whatever. Yes, government, whatever you need.

Starting in March, I’m going to recertify every six months. It’s free and easy, not to mention reassuring.

It’s also easy to get the recertification itself denied or delayed. I sent in my recertification form before Thanksgiving, and because my employer forgot to enter in a teensy bit of information, my form got sent to bureaucratic purgatory. It was finally approved last week.

It was approved!

I mean, that was expected but I also mean, the government seems to be denying as many as it can possibly manage, so I’m still excited. I think my best bet is to expect a delay of six weeks for certification, meaning I may have to make an extra payment at the end. I hope not, but it’s good to plan.

According to the documentation, I have just over 3 years left. In three years, my $765 a month payment should just…disappear.

March 2023!

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