ENW February 2020: $50,900.

These net worth posts always make my stomach turn up in knots when I start writing them. I actually had a conversation with my husband last night where I insisted, over and over, that comparison is the thief of joy, and seeing other people’s successes doesn’t make our situation better or worse. That last year we spent ten days on the lake (and paid for his sister and brother-in-law, too!), I went to Florida for a day, our kids get to do every activity possible, we just went on an amazing trip to Disney World, we’ve already paid for our lake trip for next summer, nobody’s hungry and we have a roof over our head and cars that run and we’re fine. We’re totally fine.

And yet.

Here we are, the start of a month, I’m waiting for Mint to update and tell me: Did I pass? Did I fail? Have I made the most of my money? The least of my money? Why do we still have so much debt?

Anyway, ENW at the start of January was $37,400.

And here it is: Mint says that my net worth is $54,402. That’s actually lower compared to what it said last month, but that’s fine, because I connected one of our big 0% cards to Mint (finally), so it’s to be expected (it’s just more accurate than last month’s, when I had to manually add that card back in).

Here’s what Mint doesn’t know: I have about $8,500 in additional no-interest credit card debt. That brings that net worth from Mint down to $45,902.

And I have about $25K in my husband’s retirement account, but I owe $19,500 in home improvement loans and am down to about $500 in brain surgery payments. Another couple of hundred in store cards…so in this paragraph, I’m up another $5K.

So…$50,900? Are you kidding me?

If I were not trying to maintain some semblance of privacy here, and if I didn’t just get back from the YMCA pool, I would post what the kids these days are calling selfies. Because my face is screwed up in very clear non-comprehension. I’m sure you can picture it and PS I’m an old lady who just doused her face in chlorine, so your imagination is probably just fine.

Up by $13K in one month????

IDEK. Mint thinks our house is worth $144K, and maybe that’s where it’s misinformed, although we have put $50K in it in the past few years, so.

I mean, we do contribute to retirement, and we do allocate funds to debt repayment, but we don’t even make $13K in a month so it’s gotta be screwed up somewhere. Which is fine. I’m super duper rich. Watch me crash and burn in a few months, though, when reality catches up to Mint’s algorithm. Remind me when that happens that this month was simply inflated!

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