January freelance totals – $3709.22

January was a mess and by that I mean it was ah-may-zing. I couldn’t connect my computer to the WiFi at Disney World, so instead of feeling like I should go to the parks aaaaaaall day and then retire to work late into the night, I just…didn’t do any work while we were there. Zero.

This is not great because I have lofty goals for each month for freelancing, and those goals don’t include “ten lazy days in Florida.” As if going to Disney World is lazy! Sheesh, it was non-stop. But I digress. Also, one of my companies took a bit of a break for the end of December/beginning of January, so I couldn’t count on that work almost at all (although I did submit an invoice for $324).

That said, I worked like crazy before we left to try to set myself up for some semblance of success. And it worked, pretty much.

I planned to make $3750 freelancing, and the totals came in at the $324 mentioned above and $3385.22 from my main company – $3709.22. Not quite perfect, but considering the month, a-okay.

The break really got me thinking, too. I want us to get out of debt, but I also don’t want to burn the candle at both ends quite as much. I think I’m going to cap my freelance goals to $100 a day from my main company plus $500 from my secondary company. Someday I hope to bring that down to $50 a day (pipe dreams), but I’ve found that under $100 is manageable, over $100 starts to feel like I’m running on empty at all times.

So: January freelancing was mostly a success! And here’s to a betterish work-life balance, as if that exists.

4 thoughts on “January freelance totals – $3709.22”

  1. Totally off the topic…did you see today’s (Wednesday) blog post on “Tread Lightly, Retire Early”? Your ‘No Spend Hour’ post from January 31st was one of three featured!!!


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