Mid-month freelancing update: $2425

My goal after Disney World was to make a maximum of $3500 per month from freelancing. That was to be my ceiling, buuuuuut, okay here’s where I justify breaking my goal, the idea was that I didn’t want to feel too stressed, not that I could never go over that. Ahem.

Anyway, I just sent off an invoice for $634, and from my main company, I’ve clocked in $1791. Sort of right on track but I’m going to pretty much double both by the end of the month. And, somebody I don’t know has solicited my services. It’s not going to pay well, but it should be fairly easy and this is how I networked my way into more work early on – by giving discounts to people early in their careers, which ended up bringing me much more business down the line. At any rate, I accepted the work and it’ll be some more money.

So if I stay on track here, I should come in at at least $4500 total for the month. Don’t get me wrong, more money is good, but less stress is better and I’m a work in progress.

In my defense, I also devoted hours and hours to learning to solve Rubik’s cubes, so clearly I’m not killing myself with work.

I’m supposed to use my “parking lot at cheerleading time” for work, buuuuuuut. I can’t let an unsolved Rubik’s cube go, apparently.

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