The folly of home decor

I am deficient when it comes to decorating. For most of my adult life, I’ve managed to put up a Christmas tree each year, and that’s the extent of it. We do have a pair of Halloween mugs that I got when I was working at Starbucks (clearance!) but those are in the rotation year-round. I’ve never understood why people spend time and money changing things around, to me, function matters far more than form, and decorating for the season seems frivolous.

But it turns out my kids are not clones of me (what?! How can that be?!), and the pleasure they take in Valentine’s Day garlands and Easter pillows is up there with the way I feel about catching sight of a hummingbird at our feeder. Just kidding, nothing tops a hummingbird, but I digress.

In an effort to encourage joy and even out my rants about how expensive eating out is, I’ve made it a priority to decorate for each season. The bad news is that it’s way more expensive than I thought, garlands for the piano alone are like twenty bucks, and you can seriously spend $70 on a wreath for the door (I haven’t, but you can). The good news is that I started this nonsense in October, and I just bought stuff for Easter, so I think we just have one more round of decor to get through (4th of July? Is there something between that and Halloween?) before I can just start reusing the stuff we have.

The other good news is that, thanks to YNAB and really watching every dollar this month, the money I spent on decor is slipping right into the budget. Oh my god is this what being an adult is? Have I made it?

At any rate, I always thought the journey to savings was a clear path, a straight line. Turns out nothing is a clear path, there are more important things than money, and it’s quite possible I will regret these decorating costs when I’m destitute in retirement, but hopefully the memory of Sonya shrieking “it’s so cheery in here!” will get me through.

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