ENW March 2020 – $39,078

Hoo boy this is going to be a doozie. ENW at the start of February was $50,900. It was inflated, and I knew it was inflated, but couldn’t figure out why – I realized later that we had $4,000 pre-imbursement cash waiting for my husband to make his work travel plans. We still have about $3,200 of that, so. It was/is higher than it should have been.

Except now it’s way way lower because guess what? PANDEMIC.

February was an exceptionally good month in terms of feeling like I have my finances under control. I downloaded YNAB, I fiddled and fiddled and fiddled, and I have clarity that I haven’t had in forever. At the end of the month, I added $550 to my savings account instead of having an increased credit card balance. It feels so, so good to start the month ahead.

Except we all know that the market has plummeted so that sucks.

Anyway, as of two seconds ago, Mint thinks my net worth is $44,278. Ten thousand dollars lower than last month. Blergh.

Here’s what Mint doesn’t know: I have about $7,500 in additional no-interest credit card debt. That brings that net worth from Mint down to $36,778.

And I have about $25K in my husband’s retirement account, but I owe $19,500 in home improvement loans and am down to about $350 in brain surgery payments. So in this paragraph, I’m up another $5,500.

So…$42,278. Oh no I forgot about that extra $3,200 that’s not really our money.

$39,078. UGH.

But it’s still up somehow from two months ago! I always discount the fact that paying off debt is increasing net worth, so each month’s worth of house payments, car payments, and loan payments counts, too. And guess what? The market crashing doesn’t make my debts bigger! Ugh that’s a sucky reason that the decrease isn’t so bad.

But anyway, could be worse. Probably will be worse. Time to buckle in and ride out this Coronavirus situation.

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