Freelance totals, February 2020: $5,189.62

I was a bit worried about February, because it’s so short, but guess what, mothersuckers? Leap year! I mean, it’s still shorter, but less so. Anyway, I needn’t have worried, because I hit all my goals and then some.

My minimum goal for each month is $4000 total in freelancing, although I vacillate between wanting that to be a minimum and wanting it to be a maximum as I pursue work-life balance or whatever, so I guess the only way I’ll ever be happy is if I make exactly $4,000. That didn’t happen.

For one of my companies, I expected to send in two invoices during February that would count toward my March bills, one for about $600 and one for about $900. Welllllll, something hinky is going on with my earlier invoice (by “hinky” I mean they had people changing jobs, so I think things got lost in the shuffle), and I still haven’t been paid for an earlier invoice for $324. But, they paid me very quickly for the $600 one. So I swaparood those two in the budget, meaning that I can count the outstanding invoice of $324 and the newer invoice of $945.28. I mean, technically during February I made about $1500 from this company, but technically, it’s my brain and I can categorize things how I want. So $1269.28.

Plus about $70 in a separate informal thingermerbopper.

From my main company, my total invoices came to $3,850.34.

$5189.62, no work-life balance, but our credit card balances and mortgage balance and car loan balance and student loan balances and home improvement loan balances are going down. And – I have enough money to cover our taxes and pay for an extra summer robotics camp for the girls, AND I still have some money, miraculously, in our short-term savings.

Next month I’ll shoot for exactly $4,000.

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