The end of the blog as we know it. Maybe.

My hosting fees are coming due. I enjoy writing this blog, but with all the juggling, I have to decide if it’s worth it. I’m not sure what either “it” refers to in that sentence.

Is the output worth the income? Well duh. I expend a lot of energy here, and my input is $0.00. So that’s easy. No.

Is the money spent worth the money coming in? Welllllll a year ago that answer was no, because I spent time that could be spent freelancing on writing, so I lost money. But that’s not really true now because mostly, I write while out with the nutjob puppy in the mornings, so if I’m not writing, this time would be spent looking up people I don’t know on Facebook or seeking out more and more maps of COVID-19. I can’t work while wandering around my yard in the dark. So I’m not losing money here, unless you count the couple of minutes it takes to clean things up when I am about to publish. So…is $0 worth more than $0?

Is the energy out worth the energy in? Maybe? I’ve learned a lot about myself and interacted with others, and I have a much, much clearer picture of the whole picture than I used to. So I’ve expended a lot of energy but gained a lot, too.

So on the “lose” side, I have lost almost no money but a considerable amount of energy. On the “gain” side, I’ve gained no money but a considerable amount of energy.

Which is why the hosting fees seem like a big deal. It’s a clear loss, when everything else is a wash. And yet, when the kids say “can we do a camp for $200?” it seems like not a big deal. The hosting fees are not really that much of a loss.

I started writing this as an announcement, a declaration. Now I’m not so sure. I’ve got a few days to figure it out still. It’s a cliffhanger!

10 thoughts on “The end of the blog as we know it. Maybe.”

  1. Well please don’t just vanish if you decide to stop blogging! It sounds like maybe there’s room for this musing in your life, but as a former just-for-fun blogger I get that it does take some time and energy.


  2. Maybe switch to a free option like blogspot.com? You would get to keep writing AND it would save you $200 a year (or whatever it costs).


    1. I agree with this – I really enjoy this blog and would miss it if you stopped posting! If you don’t have the energy to keep up your (impressive) posting schedule, totally understand, but it would be great if you still posted at least occasionally. A free option could be a good solution.


    2. It’s about $100, so that seems much cheaper than it did before I saw this comment! I am not sure why, but I’m reticent to move to blog spot, maybe because it seems like I’m finally getting the hang of WordPress.


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