Everyday I’m scrambling

Well, we’re in it – social isolation. My college is going online, for at least a few weeks, and I’ve heard through the grapevine that K-12 schools are shutting down for two weeks starting Monday.

I’m not somebody who panics (except I suspect that everybody thinks that about themselves, especially panickers), but the main feeling I have here is relief. I don’t know how bad this is going to be, but I’ve read enough about the situation in Italy that I know I don’t want THAT. Social isolation seems like everybody’s best bet to avoid a doctor looking at me and saying “you’ve got kids, so we’ll intubate you, but that lady over there is screwed.”

The economy will surely tank, even further. But my grandma is 97, and family members have asthma. I know, “it doesn’t kill as many people as the flu,” but if we could take measures to avoid those deaths, wouldn’t we? Beyond which, I’ve read about Italy. I don’t want THAT.

Apart from the economy, we’ll be okay. My main focus right now is figuring out the logistics. The kids are going to need something to do, and all day on screens turns my children into real-live monsters. The frame of a structure in my mind is something like this: free play in the morning, half an hour of screens somewhere, something academic, half an hour of screens, music lessons and cleaning up the messes they’ve inevitably made, half an hour of screens, free play, half an hour of screens, bedtime.

It sounds so simple! The academics I think are also going to be screens. I think I’ll do a subscription of ABC mouse (I’ve read you can get it free), and perhaps set Sonya up to teach herself to sew with YouTube. The weather should be fine. We can jump on the trampoline, swing through the trees. We can garden.

The bigger issue for me is that I need to move my classes online and I have a plan for that, but it’s going to take a lot of work. I’ve been going over it in my mind all morning, downloading and uploading various documents and PowerPoints. Work is something I’m not afraid of, but my plan is to create videos to cover much of the material that the students need, and then offer myself up for Skype calls if they have trouble with comprehension – which is fine, except for every second of every one of those videos/calls, Amelia will certainly be pulling my hair mom mom mom mom mom MOM.

I’m going to get started today. What a time we live in! Everything is going to be different and yet…we can still move forward. I can’t find a single bit of hand sanitizer in the entire world, nor rubbing alcohol with which to make my own, but I do think social isolationism is going to protect us all.

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