March mid-month freelance check-in: $2876.05

What day is it? Month? We are three days into social isolation and I already feel disoriented. I made a schedule for my kids that is shockingly similar to one I saw being mocked mercilessly online, and I’m staring at an almost completely empty calendar for at least the next two weeks. I’m writing this on I think Monday morning but it could be Thursday at 4 in the afternoon for all I know. Time has lost its meaning!

At any rate, instead of this being an extended vacation, my work has ramped up. I’m to teach my classes online, and yesterday I used up all of my kids’ precious precious screen time to make one 20-minute video. It’s going to be rough keeping up with that work. On the plus side, I feel weirdly patriotic about this whole thing, like look at us, pulling together to protect the community!

At the same time as that work is harder, the copy editing jobs just won’t quit. I suspect that all those academics in China who are also isolating themselves are like “guess I’ll work on reworking my dissertation for publication.” Every day, I have been taking as many jobs as I can handle, and every day, I’ve got emails asking me if I can handle just a few more.

In bad (good?) news, my main company in America had a personnel shift and my jobs from there have slowed down considerably (like by half, it seems). I’m not sure I can count on the $500 per month I have budgeted from them, and since that is my favorite copy editing work, that is not awesome. But it seems that I’ll be able to make it up with other jobs, so it could be worse.

At any rate, it’s the 16th maybe, who knows, so here’s where my totals are so far for March. My goal is to hit $4000 each month.

I submitted an invoice for Company A for $510.08. That’s going to be it from them, my next job doesn’t start for them until mid April. For Company B, I’ve done $2365.97 worth of work, but that number is slightly misleading because I have a huge $760 job that I’m halfway done with that I haven’t submitted yet.

In other words, I’m right on track but also ahead of the game: 2876.05 (more like $3200) at this point, just past halfway. If it looks like I’m likely to hit $5000 (like if I am over $4200 and I’m still more than a week till the end of the month), I’m going to )try to) slow it down (I’m bad at peer pressure and if they ask me to do more, I might succumb). Money is good but so is playing Yahtzee with my kids. I’ve managed so far to be sure to get in trampoline time and CandyLand time and gardening time during this social isolation, but I need to be mindful of not getting too sucked in to my computer.

So there you have it: right on track.

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